Liar in Chief Game
Liar in Chief Game

Liar in Chief Game

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Liar in Chief
The Party Game Where Liars Win and Size Matters

Do you think you can maneuver your way around facts, alternative facts, bad hair days, moral bankruptcies and trump cards to become the "Liar in Chief?"  

In a game where size matters, do you think you measure up?

In this game, players take turns giving a press conference.  They will read an actual quote from a high profile person and attribute it to its author, attribute it to another author or simply make something up (just like politics today)!

The "Liar in Chief" must dupe the obviously dishonest Press Corps (other players) into believing him and will earn positive approval-rating points each time he is successful.  Earn the highest approval rating and you can be the next "Liar in Chief."  

But just when you think you may have won, Russia can influence the result.

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